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Skillway training young craftsmen
Skillway training young craftsmen
Skillway training young craftsmen

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Tutors skilled in a wide range of exciting vocations

Vocational Skills

Manual skills tutoring - apprentice style

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Vocational skills training in traditional workshops

Learning is Fun

Rewarding hard work with practical application

Charity No 277631  (0ne half of Warehouse Christian Trust)

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Skillway is here to help young people

discover and apply their practical skills

Skillway was founded in 1997 to to fill the gap where mainstream education was unable to provide for the complex needs of every young person being educated in a strict academic environment. Today we continue through our team of dedicated and highly experienced skilled craftsmen and women to inspire young people of both sexes to discover their true capabilities and to apply these in a disciplined but exciting workshop environment.

We are proud of our enviable  student to tutor  ratio and our high attendance record. Students, who often join us feeling very disillusioned with their educational experiences, are soon encouraged to engage with our stimulating training environment.

Schools within our West Surrey and Hampshire borders catchment area enthusiastically support our non-academic training courses with students attending for one day per week during term time. We also accept home-educated youngsters.

Our courses focus on manual skills including woodwork, metalwork, basic engineering, stone work, fine arts and stained glass and we are always looking to offer other manual skill courses.   Work is accredited by Skillway or through BTech and recognised by local colleges and businesses; many of our students are well-placed to secure apprenticeships utilising their chosen skills.

Our enviably well-equipped workshops are located in a tranquil setting in Godalming, close to the public transport network. Our facilities are fully equipped to full health & safety standards and all of our tutors are cleared through the  Disclosure and Barring Service.

We are a Registered Charity, and governed by a Board of Trustees who all live locally.

To see some of what we do, please look at the short videos below, or take a look at our gallery which also shows that the youngsters have fun as well as learning useful skills.


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